Lyndon Wade is part of the photography and directorial duo called The Wade Brothers, the owners of the Guild KC and a video production company called RW2 studios. The Wade Brothers have been named to Luerzer’s Archive top 100 photographers in the world 3 years in a row and Eisner Museum’s top 15 photographers in the USA. Their work appears in galleries around the world. Lyndon and Lindsey both love Kansas City and have chosen to make KC their home. Their family has been buying buildings in the Crossroads since 1999 out of necessity—they needed a large amount of space for their work and went into areas needing revitalization for affordability. They are passionate about supporting local living and the arts.


Q: What surprises you about Kansas City now versus Kansas City 10 years ago?


A: The Kansas City Pride – I never thought we would be as united as we are today.