Judy Rush is an internationally regarded digital artist and in 2012 was named a most influential woman in Kansas City. Two years running she was honored as Luerzer’s Archive top 100 digital artists in the world. A creative guru she owns The Guild KC, RW2 video production studio, and a post-production company called RealFake. Judy was one of the first in her field to employ young creatives in Kansas City. Her sons Lyndon and Lindsey are directors and photographers who are the creativity behind this lovely photo. The family’s first preservation project was a studio at 2010 McGee, which was bought and rehabbed in late 1990s. It was a bold move at the time, as the Western Auto Building was still vacant and a homeless tent city inhabited the bridge behind. In 2012 the family had outgrown the space and purchased two historic buildings at 1621 Locust, one of which became the new RW2 video production studio and the other a high-end event space called The Guild KC.