The HKC Annual Members meeting was held on MAY 4th at the Fire House KC. It’s the time we use to report on the performance of HKC and hold elections for the Board of Directors and Slate of New Officers. The evening concluded with a presentation by Bruce Mathews on the publication “Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time.” Sponsored by STRATA, TreanorHL, Rosin Preservation, and Marvin.

2022 Slate of Officers

· President – Vicki Noteis

· Vice President – Mary Jo Draper

· Treasurer – Rick McDermott

· Secretary – Jeff Zumsteg

· Past President – Greg Allen

Board of Directors

· Manny Abarca

· Christy Cubbage

· Chris Jordan

· Amelia McIntyre

· Jim Wanser

· Marquita Brockman-Taylor

· Steve Paul


An HKC exclusive invitation-only free event – must be an HKC current member, donor or sponsor to attend. One guest per member.

FEATURING: Bruce Mathews, author of “Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time.”


TIME: 5 PM – 7: 30 PM

PLACE: Fire House KC, 4518 Troost

Bruce will present “Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time.”  His presentation will be preceded by a short business meeting including voting in a new slate of Board Members for Historic Kansas City.

Books are available for sale prior to and after the program and can be purchased using cash, check or credit card.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support historic preservation projects within the cemetery, including the restoration and preservation of The William Rockhill Nelson Memorial Chapel.

Find “Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time.” online:

More details below.


The Annual Meeting is your opportunity as a member of the HKC to engage and participate in your membership. It’s also the time we use to report on the performance of HKC and hold our Board of Directors and Slate of New Officer elections. There is no cost to attend the Annual Meeting.

The event will be hosted by the Fire House KC, 4518 Troost. Built in 1931, it was the only fire station in the Midtown area for more than 40 years. The Fire House has been fully renovated and updated as an event venue.

We hope you will join us for a complimentary reception and book signing to meet Bruce and learn more about Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time.”

  • 5:00 pm Cocktail Reception and Book Signing
  • 6:00 pm Members Meeting and author Bruce Mathews








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“Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time.”

In their sixth book on Kansas City history, Judith King and Bruce Mathews, along with 30 civic-minded contributing authors, explore the history of Mount Washington Cemetery and the lives of many of the people buried there. Bruce Mathews’ beautiful photographs capture the natural beauty of the rolling hills and the astonishing architecture of many Kansas City ancestors’ memorials and final resting places. At the same time, the stories of those buried there are complemented by rare historical images provided by private collectors and public archives.

The cemetery, with its bluffs and beautiful landscape, overlooks Truman Road just east of Kansas City in Independence. The Winner Investment Company first developed the land in 1887 as one of the largest and loveliest amusement parks in Missouri. The park closed thirteen years later, and prominent Kansas City business leaders solicited renowned landscape architect George Kessler to “work his magic in harmony with nature.” Today Mt. Washington is the final home for 43,000 men and women from all walks of life.

In her introduction to the book, Judith King writes, “we bring you a rich history of stories, photos, and memories from some of the people buried in Mount Washington Cemetery. Some are larger-than-life tales and accomplishments. Others are small and quiet reflections.” It is the story of the mighty, like William Rockhill Nelson and his wife Ida, buried in the grand Nelson Memorial Chapel along with their daughter Laura and her husband, Irwin Kirkwood. At the same time, it is the story of the humble, like Alice Berry Graham and Katharine Berry Richardson, who co-founded what today is, Children’s Mercy Hospital. And it is the story of countless business leaders, early pioneers, military leaders and enlisted heroes, and public servants that oversaw the city’s development as administrators and early professionals in the police and fire departments.

“Throughout the pages of this book, we learn that human worth is based on the depth of one’s character, not the depth of his or her pocketbook. In the book, you will find stories of the rich and famous alongside those — perhaps not as well known — whose lives were rich in goodness,” writes Tom Watson in the forward of the book. Mount Washington Cemetery, In Search of Lost Time, embodies the stories of our ancestors, who each in their unique way helped shaped Kansas City’s history and provides an inspiration for each of our lives. 

Mount Washington Cemetery: In Search of Lost Time is a publication of the Mount Washington Cemetery Historical Society, which was formed to promote the historical significance of the cemetery and preserve the memories of the people buried in it.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to restore and preserve the William Rockhill Nelson Memorial Chapel, located in the heart of the cemetery.  The Society owns, and is responsible for, the care of the chapel, in keeping with the wishes of the Nelson family.